July 14, 1974 - February 16, 2001

Sometimes in the horse breeding business you come across a broodmare that takes motherhood to a whole new level. SUN-DAWN was just such a mare.

SUN-DAWN was a beautiful chestnut mare that took her job in life seriously. Purchased from My-Bon Arabians in North Dakota, she became one of our first broodmares at NLA. Having already produced a number of gorgeous babies for My-Bon SUN-DAWN continued her tradition of producing beautiful, functional foals for NLA.

SUN-DAWN consistently produced size, bone, type and balance along with a workable, willing attitude. SUN-DAWN's foals also had a love of people and marigolds. OK, I'll explain.

When SUN-DAWN first foaled out for us, we still had a lot of fencing to do on our new property and since there was an abundance of grass in our yard, we let SUN-DAWN and her colt graze. Now, NL SUN FOX was very intrigued with my sisters small patch of marigolds in front of the house and would come and delicately bite the flowers off the stems. Even after repeated talking to's, SUN FOX just had to have those little yellow blossoms. SUN-DAWN being the consummate mother solved the problem quickly. She ripped the whole bloody plant right out of the ground.

SUN-DAWN was a very strict and protective mama. You only had so long to imprint her foal, then it was adios. She also ruled her babies with an iron fist. Those poor kids could never get out of her sight or there was hell to pay. She occasionally got stuck baby-sitting all the other babies while the other girls went out to graze. She lived the life she was meant to...a grand broodmare.

SUN-DAWN's presence will always be felt in our herd through her daughters and granddaughters. She was a grand old girl who always carried herself with grace and a fiery but friendly spirit. We will miss her greatly...I think I'll plant a whole bed of marigolds.